Monday, August 30, 2010

BJD: DoD DoI Luke: Ravine

Introducing my doll.
He is a Dream of Doll, Dream of Idol, Luke.

His name is Ravine.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Patapon 3 trailer on E3 2010

it's really just a teaser!!

But haha... if you like Patapon, it's worth to wait :D

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Release announcement of Final Fantasy XIII chinese version!!

Hello there!
Got new news from Playstation 3 Asia :D
Well it's kinda late, but better than nothing.
I heard that, Final Fantasy XIII is going to published a Chinese Version of this game!

So... What's the difference between the USA region and the korean region?

From the official Playstation 3 Asia (Singapore) Press Release, this Final Fantasy XIII will have JAPANESE VOICE OVER, not English voice over nor Chinese voice over in this game.

You can choose the Subtitle and Menu Language in 3 different language, Chinese, English and JAPANESE! :D
COOL huh?

Honestly, I'm hype up for buying this Chinese version of this Final Fantasy XIII :D

Well... I do heard many pro and Contra about this game.
But I'm one of a Final Fantasy Fan.
I would love to get my hand on this game, because of the Japanese Voice over thing :D
When I heard this news, I cancel my plan on buying USA version :D and decide to wait for the Chinese version instead :)

Honestly, I just want the Japanese Voice over with English text in it :)
Sorry folks, I admit, I am a big fan of Japanese voice over on 'original japanese' games or anime.
Not to mention I love SAKAMOTO MAAYA :D
She is becoming one of my favorite seiyu.

Monday, March 1, 2010

D.Gray-manイラスト集 Noche PHOTO SPAM! and review

I just want to share photos of D.Gray-manイラスト集 Noche I had just bought today from my local Kinokunia bookstore.

that's the front page.
Actually it's like the box cover of it. So you had to put it off first.

Now to the second cover:

I fall in love with the cover at once.
To be honest, I love her sketch styles that caught my heart :D
Even though I don't like pinky magenta like color :P

But the sketches here, really caught my eyes :D

After that, I opened the book, and saw this, that made me certain I want to buy it.

I don't know why, I love to see her sketches works and her black and white artworks :D
But now, because it's different from my normal artbook I had bought (I bought CLAMP's artbook mostly). I don't know how to put a plastic cover on it ^^a
I don't want to ruin the black/white sketches inside :)

Oh well that doesn't matter anyway

After that, there is one 2-side-poster inside it:

I really love the artwork on the poster :)

The rest below is just some picture spamming of the inside of the D.Gray-manイラスト集 Noche (artbook).

Over all, I love this artbook :D
Never though I'd be buying this ^^a
normally I loved CLAMP's artbook much more than this.

Not to mention the price is kinda cheap, compared to CLAMP's Mutuality artbook.

I bought it from Kinokunia in my country.
And I also bought it because today is the only sale day ^^a
it was discounted 20%
Well.. even I didn't got it discount, but I'll buy it anyway ^_^

I think, this artbook will be the last I bought ^^a
except CLAMP suddenly published another Copic artbook of theirs XD

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bayonetta ending fmv

Hehehe.. got my hands with Bayonetta.
it's one of my favorite game right now.

not to mention Bayonetta's characteristics are the same as Dante. Except this is a woman :D
cool, tall, beautiful and nice body woman :)
and a witch..

Here I just want to share a youtube of the ending fmv.
I share this because it's a cool one. I kinda like it, even it's a bit hilarious.

I tell you, this game is one top notch!
It's even at the top list in game rank in Japan.
Even I'm a girl, but to be honest I love this Bayonetta. Even more than DMC for the game play ^_^
Yes, the gameplay was quite enjoyable :)
Not to mention the torture attack *giggle*